Hi, I'm Chris.

By day, I work at the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) as both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. InterNACHI is a professional association for home inspectors that focuses on using technology to deliver the best education, testing, and certification available to the home inspection industry.

While the vast majority of my time is dedicated to InterNACHI (and helping other organizations like it), I'm a programmer at heart and still contribute frequently to open source projects.

And as much as I dislike the way that Twitter enables harassment and bigotry on the internet, I've carved out my own safe haven of folks who treat each other with respect and talk about interesting things online:

Also, I'm trying to carve out a similar space on Mastodon. Please come on over with me!

I update this site very infrequently, but I may post interesting things here from time-to-time.

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dariusk / express-activitypub

A very simple reference implementation of an ActivityPub server using Express.js

portive / wysimark

The Wysiwyg Editor for Markdown: 100% CommonMark + GFM with Uploads and Image Resizing

shufo / blade-formatter

An opinionated blade template formatter for Laravel that respects readability

maciejhirsz / logos

Create ridiculously fast Lexers

whitecube / laravel-search-builder

A package to build fast, index-friendly search queries for Laravel

WendellAdriel / laravel-lift

Take your Eloquent Models to the next level

opentofu / manifesto

The OpenTF Manifesto expresses concern over HashiCorp's switch of the Terraform license from open-source to the Business Source License (BSL) and calls for the tool's return to a truly open-source license.

Infisical / infisical

♾ Infisical is an open-source, end-to-end encrypted platform for secret management: sync secrets across your team/infrastructure and prevent secret leaks.

justinrainbow / json-schema

PHP implementation of JSON schema. Fork of the http://jsonschemaphpv.sourceforge.net/ project

pterotype-project / activitypub-php

A PHP implementation of the ActivityPub protocol

go-fed / testsuite

Unofficial ActivityPub test suite server, which runs machine-assisted test cases against federated software.

yjs / yjs

Shared data types for building collaborative software

thedevdojo / pines

The Pines UI library

milvus-io / milvus

A cloud-native vector database, storage for next generation AI applications

webstronauts / php-unpoly

Stack middleware for handling Javascript Unpoly Framework requests.

JacobFitzp / laravel-tiptap-validation

Tiptap editor validation rules for Laravel

TabbyML / tabby

Self-hosted AI coding assistant

magic-wormhole / magic-wormhole

get things from one computer to another, safely

mis3085 / tiktoken-for-laravel

A tiktoken-php wrapper for Laravel

yethee / tiktoken-php

This is a port of the tiktoken

probots-io / pinecone-php

A beautiful, extendable PHP Package to communicate with your pinecone.io indices, collections and vectors.

alnutile / larachain

PHP + Laravel to create a workflow like https://github.com/hwchase17/langchain

cerbero90 / json-parser

🧩 Zero-dependencies lazy parser to read JSON of any dimension and from any source in a memory-efficient way.

Significant-Gravitas / Auto-GPT

An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

niw / AlpacaChat

A Swift library that runs Alpaca-LoRA prediction locally to implement ChatGPT like app on Apple platform devices.

jplhomer / superflare

A full-stack toolkit for Cloudflare Workers.

artidoro / qlora

QLoRA: Efficient Finetuning of Quantized LLMs

ProjektGopher / whisky

Whisky is the simplest, framework agnostic, CLI tool for managing and enforcing a php project's git hooks across an entire team.