Hi, I'm Chris.

By day, I work at the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) as both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. InterNACHI is a professional association for home inspectors that focuses on using technology to deliver the best education, testing, and certification available to the home inspection industry.

While the vast majority of my time is dedicated to InterNACHI (and helping other organizations like it), I'm a programmer at heart and still contribute frequently to open source projects.

And as much as I dislike the way that Twitter enables harassment and bigotry on the internet, I've carved out my own safe haven of folks who treat each other with respect and talk about interesting things online:

Also, I'm trying to carve out a similar space on Mastodon. Please come on over with me!

I update this site very infrequently, but I may post interesting things here from time-to-time.

Check out my podcast, Over Engineered
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WerWolv / ImHex

🔍 A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers, Programmers and people who value their retinas when working at 3 AM.

bugbakery / audapolis

an editor for spoken-word audio with automatic transcription

artisan-build / conductor

composer package executor

karelklima / workflowy

WorkFlowy API for Deno and Node

WickyNilliams / cally

Small, feature-rich calendar components

DirectoryTree / Git

A featherweight PHP class for calling Git commands.

echolabsdev / sparkle

Something special soon...

ml-explore / mlx

MLX: An array framework for Apple silicon

janhq / cortex

Drop-in, local AI alternative to the OpenAI stack. Multi-engine (llama.cpp, TensorRT-LLM, ONNX). Powers 👋 Jan

simonhamp / the-og

A pure PHP OpenGraph Image Generator

serversideup / spin

🚀 Replicate your production environment locally using Docker. Just run "spin up". It's really that easy.

mhoye / moderntools

Modern problems require modern solutions.

ajeetdsouza / zoxide

A smarter cd command. Supports all major shells.

imacrayon / alpine-ajax

An Alpine.js plugin for building server-powered frontends.

hirethunk / verbs

Verbs is an event sourcing package for PHP artisans

formkit / auto-animate

A zero-config, drop-in animation utility that adds smooth transitions to your web app. You can use it with React, Vue, or any other JavaScript application.

waterholeforum / waterhole

Waterhole starter project.

waterholeforum / core

The core Waterhole package.

clearstream / xml-to-array

Incredibly simple XML to array PHP converter

claudiodekker / laravel-auth

Rich authentication logic for your Laravel applications.

stevebauman / unfinalize

Remove "final" keywords from classes and methods in vendor packages.

dariusk / express-activitypub

A very simple reference implementation of an ActivityPub server using Express.js

portive / wysimark

The Wysiwyg Editor for Markdown: 100% CommonMark + GFM with Uploads and Image Resizing

shufo / blade-formatter

An opinionated blade template formatter for Laravel that respects readability

ryangjchandler / lexical

Quickly build lexers in PHP.

maciejhirsz / logos

Create ridiculously fast Lexers

whitecube / laravel-search-builder

A package to build fast, index-friendly search queries for Laravel

WendellAdriel / laravel-lift

Take your Eloquent Models to the next level