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This is a really interesting alternative to Bootstrap.  I haven’t had a chance to really dig through the code, but I like the style and I like the English-language-inspired naming convention.


Taunus “Single-Page App” framework

Tanus is a really promising Node.js “single-page app” framework (that’s really much more than that).  It’s just unbelievably fast, and built on top of really solid principals:

  • First request is server-side rendered (as are non-JS/spider requests)
  • Progressively enhances with client-rendered future requests
  • Content is served first; everything else (including non-critical CSS) is delegated to post-onload

Here’s the project page: taunus/taunus

And take a look at the creator’s blog, which is running on tanus: PonyFoo — the site speed is incredible for a blog with not insignificantly-sized pages.  I’m seriously considering Tanus for a future project.